Japanese Christians Against the Nashville Statement (JCANS)

We are JCANS who are deeply concerned about the activities of NBUS (Network for Biblical Understanding of Sexuality).

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Extract from our vision statement

No one can change your identity


Sexual orientation and gender identity cannot be changed by coercion or by will.

Who you are is a gift from God


To try and change someone’s sexuality or gender identity is to deny God’s gift.

We strongly protest against NBUS’s activities


We envision sexual minorities being embraced for who they are in both church and society.

It’s not a matter of “lack of faith” or “apathy”


God is with us. The problem is not with your faith.

NBUS wants to push conversion therapy without taking any responsibility

NBUS does not use the words “conversion therapy”, but it is obvious that their primary goal is actually leading people to conversion therapy. By inserting the phrase “if they so desire”, even though it is their own agenda, they are pushing all responsibility onto the person undergoing conversion therapy, without any willingness to take responsibility for whatever happens during or after the conversion therapy.

The glaring homophobia/transphobia, which NBUS refuses to admit

It is especially difficult to confront the homophobia and transphobia that have been internalized. Conforming to the expectations of society, and coming out and being exposed more directly to homophobia/transphobia present in society, are both equally stressful.

Homophobia and transphobia cannot be eradicated simply by praying. Leaving it to those who try to use the Bible to change people’s sexual orientation or gender identity will not lead to any positive result. They cause more problems than they solve as they use the platform of faith to discuss matters that are outside the domain of faith.

Our Core Values

God loves you just the way you are


God loves you unconditionally without requiring you to become someone else, because God loved us first. There is no need for you to change your sexuality or gender identity.

Your signature gives hope and courage to those who have been hurt


Those hurting are not limited to LGBTQ+ individuals, but also include their families, friends, and church members. Many people are concerned and offended by NBUS’s words and actions.

To those who are hesitant about signing


Joining this petition will not disclose your identity nor lead to your sexuality being outed. You may use any name to express yourself.

Even if you do not agree with everything in this statement


if you agree with our overall intentions, we would appreciate your signature accompanied by a comment.